Introducing Leora Lighting

Introducing Leora Lighting

Leora Lighting


Leora Lighting is an E-commerce and Retail lighting company wholly Australian owned and operated.
With over 50 years of combined experience and knowledge in the electrical and lighting industry, we pride ourselves on supplying quality local branded lights, backed by exceptional customer service, technical advice and sturdy warranties for each individual product sold.

We provide lighting solutions to suit your individual taste.

We are a 100% online company with low operating costs which means we can offer extremely competitive prices. We offer a great range of downlights, oyster and decorative pendant lights, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps, exterior lighting, garden and landscape lighting, solar and lighting control, marine grade lights, strip lighting and custom made linear lights and replica fittings.If you need assistance with your choice and quantity of light fittings, we can also offer a basic design service where required, to ensure you are making the right choice. We can also provide additional advice and guidance on lighting control to support lighting sales when requested.

We value quality customer service and fast response times to enquires and questions. Efficient and smart systems enable fast ordering, processing and delivery. Our customer service philosophy is backed up by our professional advice to customers beyond the sale.