Alfresco & Lifestyle

Kitchen and Bathroom Studio innovative design puts our outdoor kitchens, bars, storage and furniture at the forefront of the technology, incorporating slimline features, distinctive design, and unparalleled quality. Kitchen and Bathroom Studio represents power, luxury and minimalism in its purest form, providing the perfect balance between food, friends and outdoor entertaining.

Experience the luxury of Kitchen and Bathroom Studio collection, with its high-quality materials, combined with distinctive design and engineering.  We combin the highest quality Australian extruded aluminium with contemporary clean lines and sleek modern architecture. Its design and function offer an unparalleled level of safety and quality, bringing another level of sophistication in outdoor cooking systems. Our packages offer simplicity and flexibility with a range of BBQ, choice of benchtop, fridge, inner drawers and sink & tap.

A new concept of luxury cooking and dining is what you will find in this impressive collection. We have created a spectacular outdoor kitchen/alfresco, with its own character where creativity and technology come together to shape one of best looking gas BBQs on the market, the Proline by Beefeater. Transform your garden or terrace into an exquisite

contemporary dining space with optional beverage and wash precinct. Kitchen and Bathroom Studio can be customized to the fullest with a wide range of options that will allow you to have everything perfectly organized, making your alfresco/outdoor kitchen a practical and comfortable element at all times.